Get Involved

Get involved with Shelter Academy of Light!

YOU can bring hope to the children of Uganda, in many ways…


This is the first, last, and best way you can support SAL and SSRCs. Here are three ways to pray:

  • Pray for all the children of Simbembe, Bukhabusi and Buwashu Primary Schools that they might experience the love of learning and the light of Christ. Pray that the Small Steps Reading Clubs will be an effective part of making this happen.
  • Pray that the final parcels of land needed to complete the total property for the SAL school grounds will be secured without any obstacles.
  • Pray for the architects, engineer, and builder who will be involved in the actual construction of the school facilities. Pray they will be able to direct this project with wisdom and excellent leadership.

Raise funds & awareness!

Here are two great ways you can support the work of SAL/SSRC and spread the word about their work changing the lives of kids in Mt. Elgon:

  • The “Read-a-Book, Send-a-Book” Readathon. Get sponsors and use your own love of reading to raise funds so kids in Uganda can learn to read too!
  • SAL founder, Grace Sakwa, had to walk more than 4 miles each way to school as she struggled to get an education as a girl. Organzie a “Long Walk to School” Fun Run and Walk. Pick a starting point 4+ miles from your local school and run/walk there to raise awareness of the challenges for kids in Uganda just trying to get an education–along with funds to help them get there!


Your financial support will enable Shelter Academy of Light and Small Steps Reading Clubs to continue to provide kids in Mt. Elgon with books, literacy intervention, nutritional support, and ultimately a complete education. For whatever way you can help, we are so grateful!