Our Story

The Sakwas

Grace and George left their families in Uganda and moved to the United States in 1998. They still have family and own property in Bubutu, Uganda. Their dream is to build a model school on the property to help Ugandan children have a brighter future.

Grace was orphaned at age 9 and experienced first-hand the struggles of receiving an education.  Grace’s faith in Christ, her strong determination and the help of many caring people enabled her to complete most of her education.  God’s grace upon her and her education  are the light that guided her to where she is today.  Grace has unstoppable love and compassion for children, which has always been her character since as a little girl. Her education was the light that guided her to where she is today.  

George’s passion for vulnerable children is what motivated him to study special education, sign language in particular. He taught children with hearing impairment passionately for 7 years until he moved to the United States. His desire to make a difference in children’s lives is the reason for his hard work to support children in Uganda. The Sakwa family has been privately raising 8 orphans and 4 of them have finished college. This family appreciates the benefits of education and with the support of contributors and generous partners, the Sakwa family is expanding their vision and hope to raise about 50 children each year. They believe that the fate of Bubutu lies in quality education in order to break the cycle of poverty.

There is a group of volunteers in Uganda who are ready to help in making this dream come true. George and Grace realize that in each child’s life are dreams to achieve, a path that needs light in order to see forward and potential that cannot be realized unless it is challenged. All of this can be achieved through the blessing of a quality education and the truth from the word of God.

George and Grace live in Arlington Heights, Illinois with their four children. They are thankful to God and the special friends who have made living in this community the most precious part of their lives.  To friends and supporters they are forever grateful for the unconditional love and support.